Bicester Green is a Centre for skills, sustainability and second-hand items. We operate by intercepting products that are destined for landfill and use them as a catalyst for learning in our workshops. Not in Buckinghamshire but accessible to lots of Bucks residents

While our first passion is to find ways to give new life to bikes, electricals, wood, furniture and materials, we still have to find new homes for our makes and repairs. Which is why our shop takes up half of one of our workshops.

We sell:

  • Men’s, ladies and children’s bikes
  • Household electricals; CD, DVD players, TVs, Kettles, Irons, lights, lamps and vacuums
  • Electrical power tools; drills, jigsaws, sanders
  • Handtools – you name it we’ve got it!
  • Garden tools
  • Small furniture; chairs, tables, coat stands
  • Wooden makes; planters, plant markers, fencing, pallet bar stools, birdboxes, bee hotels and hedgehog feeding stations
  • And everyday household things!

Exciting news!

We’ve just added three liquid detergents from SESI to our shop. These refill dispensers where you bring your bottles or containers, refill them, pay us and reduce your single-use plastic at the same time

Opening Hours















Open 9am-6pm (Apr-Sep) and 9am-6pm (Oct-Mar)


Our Address:

The Yard, The Garth, Launton Road, Bicester, OX26 6PS