Beanies is a busy wholefoods shop and greengrocers in Walkley. A workers co-operative, Beanies has been selling wholesome, fresh produce since 1986.

We sell fruit and vegetables (organic and non-organic), wholefoods, fresh bread, chilled and frozen produce, snacks and drinks, and continental and speciality foods including gluten-free and dairy-free. All of the products we sell are vegetarian or vegan.

Beanies has been delivering Organic fruit and vegetables throughout Sheffield for more than 20 years and was one of the first Organic Box schemes in the city. We select produce both from local growers and from suppliers further afield to offer a seasonably-biased yet interesting variety throughout the year. We never use air-freighted produce in the boxes.

The contents of the boxes varies each week as we make seasonal selections but the following table gives you some idea of what you can expect. Click here to find out more.

Opening Hours


9am - 8pm


9am - 8pm


9am - 8pm


9am - 8pm


9am - 8pm


9am - 5pm


10.30am - 4pm

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