Introducing the First Zero Waste shop in Herts. We know that we wont be the last. Just over 6 months ago the idea of Bamboo Turtle was born, primarily out of frustration at not being able to successfully shop waste free. Unfortunately supermarkets provide a convenient but wasteful way of shopping. Every pasta packet, toothpaste tube and plastic wrapped broccoli adds to the mountains of waste that enter our recycling plants at best, or our oceans at worst, taking hundreds of years to breakdown and enter our food systems. And then we have food waste. Sometimes all we need is a handful of oats or a teaspoon of herbs and spices. Shopping at Bamboo Turtle allows you to buy exactly the amount of food you need in your own package.

So how does it work; any clean container will do: paper, glass, tin, fabric,
plastic (yep plastic, if it’s already in the home then reuse it until it falls apart. It doesn’t make sense to throw it out when it still has a use). Then it’s a simple process of ‘bring, weigh, fill and pay’. The empty container is weighed, it’s then filled with any number of goodies that we sell ranging from pastas, dried fruits, flour, sugars and more and then we reweigh it at the paying till where you pay only for what is in your container. By helping yourself and using our gravity dispensers and ski boots you are in complete control of what and how much you buy. Simple.

So that’s downstairs, the really exciting stuff is upstairs!! That’s where you’ll find toilet rolls, shampoos, conditioners, make up removing face pads, bamboo straws, soaps and many more items. Hopefully we’ve offered a plastic free alternative to most items that would normally be over packaged.

Please feel free to pop in anytime to learn more about Zero Waste in Herts.


Step 1 . You BRING your own containers – dont worry we will have spares if you feel an impromptu mung bean order is necessary.

Step 2. You then WEIGH your containers – You write the weight on container.

Step 3. You decide on what fabulous bounty you want to buy and FILL your containers – the FUN part.

Step 4. We then weigh your products – subtract the original weight and you PAY the difference.

To enable a STRESS free & fun shopping experience – we do all the maths for you.

What can you use as a container ? Literally anything from home. We ve seen cereal boxes or takeaway boxes or celebrations tins. The more plastic the better – it means that the plastics from home are being reused and not ending up in landfill or in our food chain.

As long as it s clean and can be closed it will work.

We do stock glass and aluminium jars for you to buy – and of course bring back to refill.

We also stock compostable, reusable, recyclable brown bags for you to use.


This list will change as and when we run out of stock or we add extras to it. If you re desperate for something and not sure if it s in stock please contact us :

Sea Salt Chilli Ground Washing Up Brushes Reusable Sanitary Towels
Sugar Golden Fairtrade Ceylon Cinnamon Pot Scourers Chia Seeds
Demerara Cinnamon Sticks Compostable Cloths Linseeds
Coconut Milk Powder Cloves Whole Bamboo Straws Mixed Nut
Rye Flour Cloves Ground Metal Straws De Shelled Hemp Seeds
Coconut Flour Coriander Ground Ecoffee Cups Almonds
Plain Flour Coriander Seeds Friendly Soaps Cashews
Self-raising Flour Cumin Ground Shampoo Bars Hazel Nuts
Cacao Powder Cumin Seeds Shaving Bars Pine Nuts
Gf Self-raising Flour Curry Powder Mutiny Shaving Kits Peanuts
Coconut Sugar Fennel Seeds Earth Conscious Deo Walnut
Couscous Fenugreek Seed Elephant Box Sesame Seeds
Quinoa Garam Masala Canvas Shoppers Sunflower
Lentils Red Ginger- Ground Mesh Veg Bags Pumpkin
Lentils Green Mustard Seed Ground String Bags Coconut Chips
Aduki Mustard Seeds- Yellow Toilet Paper Macaroni
Red Kidney Beans Paprika Shampoo Conchiglie
Chickpeas Paprika- Smoked Conditioner Wholewheat Fusilli
Wheat Grain Turmeric Washing Up Liquid Penne
Mixed Spices Washing Powder Fusilli
Muesli Deluxe Ground White Pepper Dishwashing Liquid Basmati  Rice
Bran Flakes Nutmeg- Ground Dishwasher Liquid Risotto Rice
Oats Porridge Nutmeg- Whole Mason Jars Brown Rice Long Grain
Apples Basil Bamboo Toothbrushes Peppermint Tea
Apricots Bay Leaves Reusable Face Rounds Chamomile Tea
Bananas Mixed Herbs Bamboo Earbuds Earl Grey
Dates Oregano Beauty Balms English Breakfast
Figs Parsley Lip Balms Green Tea
Mango Rosemary Tea Infusers Coffee Beans
Raisins Sage Nut Mylk Bags Filter Coffee Ground
Prunes Thyme Recycled Notebooks Coffee Beans
Sultanas Dill Dental Floss Decaf Filter Coffee
Black Peppercorns Aniseed Oil Pourers Dairy Free Hot Chocolate
Cardamom Seed Whole Marjoram Bees Wax Wraps
Caraway Seeds Mint Konjac Sponges
Cardamom Seed-Ground Chilly Bottles Organicup

Opening Hours


10am - 6.30pm


10am - 4pm


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10am - 1pm

For Bank Holiday weekends please see our Facebook or Instagram page!