We are a British and independent company. At our 6 shops in London we stock the best organic and natural foods, body care and supplements, and a great selection of ‘free from’/special diets products!

As Nature Intended means food as it should be – no manufactured herbicides, artificial fertilisers, or artificial sweeteners. We select organic whenever possible, however, if a product is not available as organic, we source the best alternative that passes our strict quality standards requirements. We said NO to GM (Genetically Modified) foods and ingredients, NO to artificial flavours & colours, NO to artificial sweeteners, NO to hydrogenated fats and NO to parabens. YES to products as Nature intended!

Over 65% of all the grocery products we stock are 100% organic and many of the supplements and body care products we sell are organic or contain certified organic ingredients!

Reduce packaging and shop in bulk! Our wide selection of loose products includes cereals, pulses, beans, nuts and also coffee and superfoods!

You can buy as much or as little as you need by using our recyclable, reduced plastic bags, or the paper bags available in the produce department. Should you wish to use your own containers, we are happy for you to do so, however our tills are not enabled to tare the weight of your containers which will be included in the calculation of price.

Further reduce plastic usage with Ecover refill stations where you can find washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric softener and cleaning soap!

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