Why does eating seasonal British produce matter?

It makes economic sense to eat seasonally as fruit and vegetables are sold more cheaply when there is a glut. Consider making tomato sauce using surplus tomatoes in late summer to see you through the winter months. Eating seasonally has health benefits too: foods in season contain the nutrients, minerals and trace elements that our bodies need at particular times of year. For example, British Food Fortnight marks the shift from summer to winter and the fruit and vegetables that are coming into season then, such as butternut squash and apples, are packed with vitamin C to boost our resistance to winter colds. With calls for us to eat at least five portions a day, fruit and vegetables are taking a more prominent role in menu planning. Think about pairing fruits and vegetables with produce that are grown or reared in the same locality e.g. watercress and trout from the rivers of Hampshire or apples and pork from the orchard-filled fields of Gloucestershire.

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