About Us

Zero Waste Near Me is an all-inclusive directory of local businesses and community initiatives in the UK that helps to promote a circular economy. The businesses must fulfil at least one of four key objectives:

  1. Package-free products or products with reduced packaging
  2. Sustainable production
  3. Waste reduction
  4. Promoting reuse and repair

How it all began

This website was created in response to the realisation that reducing your environmental impact was not just confined to shopping at zero-waste shops, but also supporting local businesses that are already selling products without packaging. We started compiling a small list of local shops offering package-free food in London, as our research continued we found even more community-led businesses offering goods and services that fit within a circular economy.

How we found these businesses

We find most of organisations through our own research on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, being part of various local facebook groups and through connections we have made within the community. We have collaborated with Isabel Mack from Zero Plastic Hero to create the Reusable Party Kit Network, a community of small businesses all over the UK offering reusable party kits for hire.

Increasingly we have had more users have been adding their own businesses to our website via the ‘Add to Map’ button. This helps us a great deal since all we need to do then is to copy and paste that information into a new page. Sometimes we have issue adding new businesses because some information is not available or clearly stated so being able to respond directly to business owners ensures that the information is correct and up to date.

Our map has benefitted greatly from lists made by other organisations such as Reuseful UK, Reuse Network and Revolve Scotland.

The future of this website

Dian on the right, with Jess from Friends of the Earth London

This website is run by myself, Dian and my partner Michael in our spare time and we currently cover all costs of maintaining this website. I built this current website on WordPress a year ago and since then there has seen a huge increase in popularity that it now needs its own bespoke website. We are currently developing a new website with the help of our developer Nick Sarbicki, who contacted us when Michael posted about our website on Reddit. He has kindly begun work on Zero Waste Near Me 2.0 but we would like to ensure that we pay him a fair wage for his time and effort.


The simplest way it seems is to use Google AdSense, but the problem is that we won’t have much control over what appears on our pages. We don’t want ads that encourage people to buy products especially from brands that we don’t align ourselves with. Another option is for us to be the ones selling the advertising space so that we have full control what we decide to promote. It can be complicated managing something like this on top of our intense workload, so if anyone is interested in buying some ad space on our website or would like to help manage this, let us know.

Support Us

We are always looking for suggestions and the help that we have received from the community has been overwhelming. Our site will continue to improve and promote organisations that help to reduce and reuse. Our researchers have been spending the past few months looking into international initiatives and we hope to publish these with the new website.

By supporting us, you are helping to cover the costs of:

  • Webhosting
  • Paying our developer for helping us create the new bespoke website
  • Compensate volunteers for their time providing research and data entry
  • Content creation (Eg. Writing articles, creating brand directories, videos)
  • Research projects (Eg. How shampoo bars work and which one is the best option for me)

If you would like your business to be considered for this list, add your business here.

For any other enquiries, or to speak to one of the team, email us at info@zerowastenear.me

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