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Zero Waste Near Me is a UK-based, all-inclusive resource of local businesses and community initiatives to help you on your journey in living more sustainably.

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Zero Waste Near Me is a volunteer-run non-profit organisation that promotes businesses and community initiatives that are doing their part to help us live more sustainably. We rely on donations to fund the running of our website and to be able to invest in the creation of a better platform to keep up with the increasing demand for sustainable solutions.

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Featured Businesses

Twin Larder

Twin Larder, Ash

Twin Larder is a Zero Waste Shop based in Ash, Surrey providing the local community sustainable, eco-friendly cruelty-free and ethical products (sourced locally where possible).

The Naked Pantry

The Naked Pantry, New Forest

We're the first Zero Waste shop in the New Forest. we stock local, organic and ethically sourced products. We have baking ingredients, cooking ingredients, household cleaning products and personal care items. All with no packaging!

Refill & Refuel

Refill & Refuel, Woking

We are Woking's first zero waste food store. Providing quality food that has been responsibly sourced, supporting local producers and sustainability.

Lentils & Lather

Lentils & Lather, Manchester

Lentils & Lather is bulk market for food and drink, household goods and personal care products.  We specialise in items that are plastic free and cause minimal damage to our environment.

The Good Lyfe

The Good Lyfe, Newquay

The Good Lyfe is a plastic-free, ethical store in Newquay, selling zero-waste dry foods (including rice, pasta, beans, lentils, herbs and spices), refillable laundry and cleaning liquids, and personal care and homeware products.

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